Reposted from Indiegogo:

It is done! And you did it. All of you. Thank you so much! We are very, very grateful.

It’s amazing and heartwarming that not only will we get to make Ithaka of the Clouds, we will also get to go back and polish the previous Lands of Dream games so that the whole cycle works properly as one. That so many people would care – not thousands, not millions, but enough to make it happen – is genuinely inspiring. We’ll do our best not to disappoint you.

Now, a bit of organizational stuff. Those of you who ordered a perk that comes with a copy of The Sea Will Claim Everything will be getting an email from me later today. Some of you wrote in to change your perks; you’ll also be getting an email to confirm. Finally, those who ordered perks that include something of yours ending up in the game will also be contacted soon.

There’s only one problem, which is that (with stunningly precise timing) I have developed a terrible jaw pain and my dentist is on holiday. If there are some delays, that is the reason. But not to worry, we’ve got all your information and Bob the Spider will be tracking you down and- I mean, you will be getting your perks. Yes. Absolutely. No spiders involved.

And once again – thank you all so much.

Jonas & Verena & Cat & Chris

… and Bob the Spider!