New release: Moonlight

Photo by Verena Kyratzes

Moonlight is an interactive story about life, dreams, and Stephen Fry.

You can play it in your browser.


  1. When you click “unless you’re not counting Proxima” it does’t do anything, just goes back to the same thing.

    It does do something. Look more closely. 🙂

    A demented, glorious, funny, smart, unashamedly odd and simply wonderful masterpiece. Thanks Jonas!

    You are too kind! But thank you.

  2. Robb

    Every time I finish one of your games, I immediately have to play it again. There were so many emotions portrayed so honestly in here.
    Also: I hope this begins a trend in games to start involving Carl Sagan. In how many games, you ask? In every fucking game, I say.

  3. Javier

    Hi Jonas!

    Fantabulous game! Ever thought on giving the player a couple of options about the colours of the letters and the background? I think it would make it even more awesome 🙂

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