Wanderers’ Tales

(from Lands of Dream.net)

Since the beginning of Time (and perhaps before), many have travelled to the Lands of Dream and written about their journeys. Some of these tales are warnings, others are maps to roads that we may follow; all have been of great assistance in my own endeavours. Thus I have decided that once each week, in the late hours of Friday or the early hours of Saturday (or Caturday, as it is called in Katsouli), I will write here to tell you of one such story.

Today’s tale is Idle Days on the Yann, by one of the greatest of the travelling storytellers, Lord Dunsany. Few other tales have taught me so much, or influenced my portal-making so profoundly. Let the words flow over you like the mighty river, and enjoy the strange places they will show you.

Yes, I’m so arrogant, I’ll even quote myself. (Actually I’m just lazy.)