This Is Not An Update

I guess the last two weeks have taken more out of me than I expected. After spending hours going around Frankfurt trying to get the right cat food for our cat (because of her bladder stone), I just don’t have the strength to finish doing everything I was supposed to. Yawn… and I wanted to tell you all about the lovely reviews TSWCE has been getting, but I just… yaaawn… keep getting sleepier. So you’ll get a real update tomorrow. But I promise it will be a very good update, with actual new stuff in it and everything.

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  1. A sick animal can be depressing. I’m dog sitting a really old dachshund right now, he’s a grumpy bastard but he does show some affection and he’s very sick. :l

    I hope your cat gets better. I love cats, too bad nobody else in my family does. :V

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