Minor Museum Mupdate

I’ve uploaded a very, very minor update to The Museum of Broken Memories, which means it should now run on whatever systems a game made in Visual Basic 6 can run on. It no longer tries to change your screen resolution, so you can play it on 16:9 screens, too.

However, this is still an old game, and one with many flaws. While my tools haven’t improved as much as I would’ve liked them to since 2006, they have improved, as have issues like webspace and attitudes towards non-industry games which made the creation of independent games such a chore back in the day. The version I’ve just released doesn’t fix any of the game’s flaws, because I still intend to remake the game completely, using the old graphics and text and music but revamping many other aspects (sound effects, interface, saving, fonts). I don’t think doing so will take more than two weeks – that I wasn’t able to find enough time to do it in 2011 should tell you something about how back-breakingly difficult that year was. But I’d like to think that things will go better in 2012, and that I’ll finally be able to give you the Museum of Broken Memories as it should always have been.

In light of the above, I’d like to ask such members of the indie press as read this blog to refrain from posting about this update in their blogs/twitter feeds/etc. If people come back to the museum, I’d like them to do so after we’ve repainted the walls and moved the exhibits around a bit.

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