The Museum of Broken Memories

Mere words cannot describe the sheer complexity of this experience.
Jay is Games

All in all, The Museum of Broken Memories is a highly original and insightful work. […] It will work itself into the player’s brain and create more questions than answers.
Independent Adventuring

The Museum of Broken Memories is an extraordinarily beautiful, and disturbing, game.
Museum 2.0

After playing the game twice, I was a bit surprised. Kyratzes’ strong sentiments about the destructive effects of war were still there. I still had to escape the Museum – I was trapped, though how I got trapped in it was never made clear. But for the first time, I felt fear.
an occasional player’s review

There will be those who find a meaning that is deep and unique to them, and there will be those who find it pretentious and arthouse. For this reason, The Museum of Broken Memories deserves to be played if only to decide which camp an individual belongs.
Just Adventure

Welcome to the Museum of Broken Memories. A place of fragments, thoughts, and living nightmares – a paradox resting within the human soul. You may ask many questions: Where is it? What is it? And why are you there? But the true question is this: is there a way out?

This game was created a long time ago under adverse technical conditions, and while it means a great deal to me, I must also say that it has some major flaws. I am now a better designer with better technology available to me, and I would like to release an updated edition. Currently, however, I don’t have the financial security to spend the time required on remaking the game.



The Museum of Broken Memories is an experimental adventure game set in a museum. As to what exactly what the museum is, or where it is… well, why don’t you find out? It’s a story about war, death, love, friendship, imprisonment, the scars we all bear, and the way to freedom.


  • a mouse
  • a computer
  •  Windows 9x/ME/XP/Vista/7 (?)


  • Jonas Kyratzes – writing, design, graphics

Creative Commons music by:



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  2. hyo

    i played this game
    entered a world
    died there
    cried there
    felt sorrow and pain
    found hope and strength
    and yet i can not leave
    am i not strong enough to forget
    or shouldn’t i forget after all

  3. (CAUTION: This comment contains spoilers for The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Do not read it unless you’ve read the books!)

    From the moment I entered this world I was a bit skeptical about this game’s ability to make me feel any sort of emotional attachment, but then, I saw the Tower.

    Yes, the tower next to the save and load menus, that tower with a single dark object on it. I could not help but thing of the museum as some sort of tower.
    Then, I realized what was happening.
    The story, the eternal broken wheel off fire, the man that is forced to live his own life time and again, the references to Blake, I’ll be dammed if I wasn’t playing some sort of dreamlike representation of “The Dark Tower” series. And i’ll be dammed if it didn’t make a connection with my emotions, perhaps as much as the book did.

    Thank you for making this game, but a bit of a special thanks to good ol’ Stephen K. wouldn’t be out of place ya know?

    I will definitely tell my friends about this game, both fans of the dark tower, and people who have no idea what the dark tower is.

  4. Eh, as much as I love The Dark Tower (and man, I do), it’s not really about that at all. It never even occured to me. If you look closer, you will see that the opening sentence of the game changes every time you play, and there is no indication that these are the experiences of a single person; in fact, most of the clues in the game contradict that. The Museum is a fairly complex concept/mindspace/metaphor, but it’s not a metaphor for The Dark Tower.

    The suggested ending is also quite radically different.

  5. Steve (AOMCmusic)

    I am a Windows 7 user and the game would not open for me. I have been dying to play this game for awhile now and it would be nice if there were a patch created for Windows 7. Is this patch being created? I have been looking for deep inspiration for my writing and my music and from what I have read, this game is a very deep and intricate experience. If a patch is being worked on, please tell me when it is done. Thank you.


  6. Not a patch, but a from-the-ground-up remake is in the works. It’ll still take several months before it’s released, though – I unfortunately have very little time to work on old stuff.

  7. Steve (AOMCmusic)

    Wow, that was an extremely fast reply! Thanks for the extra-speedy reply!

    I will be sure to check by this page every week or so and play the game when it is done. I’m very glad to hear this is still being worked on. I can’t wait to see the game when it’s done.


  8. I managed to retrieve my old code and I’ve figured out everything I need to remake the game, but I don’t have the time to make any real progress right now. If I could sell my next flash game for a decent amount, I could set aside some time to work on the remake, but I don’t know how likely that is.

  9. Ace Wheeler

    Wow… just… wow…

    At first glance I was really “put off” by this game. I felt like the graphics were a little dated, I felt like the game just wasn’t intuitive enough to to really play, but then I came across a really high-contrasted black and white area and about “halfway” through it something clicked in me emotionally. The technical aspect of the game was no longer a forethought and all I saw was something so ugly, dreamlike, and beautiful. Like I was in a dream I was fighting to remember and forget as it was taking place. The writing is beautiful and profound, yet I think, as with any art with any real depth, I took something from it completely different than another person playing the game would.

    I really love how the low-res imagery grew on me. I haven’t “beaten” the game yet, but I think as a reward you should have access to some or all of the stills in that game. Would make an awesome desktop background or something. I’d even by a book full of its images.

    I would love to see a rebuild of this game (for compatibility only). I’m a Windows 7 user, but the patch seemed to work. To get by a security issue, I had to download the patch, then delete the original .exe, then move the new .exe into the folder. For some reason windows didn’t want to delete and replace all at once, but then the magic happened.

  10. Corbett Cappon

    Garr! I’m stuck. not sure if anyone can help me. the vista patch doesn’t work. I installed XP mode for windows 7, installed museum of broken dreams. But when I run it (at 800×598 and 16 bit color mind you), it claims “failed to allocate back-buffer. Your graphics card may not have enough memory. Try to reduce the screen resolution or color depth and run again.”. Help?

  11. Please make sure to alert the folks at Jayisgames whenever your retooling is complete! MOBD is listed as one of their all-time favorites. You seem to have touched an emotional nerve for a lot of players, and I’m eager to try it for myself. Thanks!!

  12. Corbett Cappon

    As an update, I actually got windows XP to run on my computer using Oracle VM virtualbox manager, and it’s still having the same problems(even at 480×640 resolution, and all compatibility modes down to windows 95)

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  14. Toni

    Hello. I’m using Windows 7 64-bit. I can install the game, but can’t start it.
    Old version simply doesn’t work. The updated one gives me Run-time error ‘339’: Component ‘msdxm.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

  15. Hmm. That’s the old Windows Media plug-in, which the game uses to play its music. From what I can see it just won’t work on newer Windows systems. Sadly you’ll probably just have to wait for me to remake the game. Sorry.

  16. Toni

    Update: I’ve downloaded msdxm.ocx from the Internet, registered it and… it gave me a 0x80004005 error. I’ve tried several things to fix it, but without success.

    Anyway, when I just ignored the error and tried to start the game – it works! Yay!

    So if anyone has the same or similar problem, I hope this helps.

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  18. Ben

    The game was absolutely beautiful. I love how much of it is left open for the player to interpret, and make it all the more meaningful. I know the fragments can be played in any order, but is there more than one way to make your way through the fragments? Also, when can we expect the new version of the game? I eagerly await your response. Thanks for making such a beautiful game, and taking a chance on doing something different. And for making it free. Truly inspiring.

  19. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

    The fragments can be played in any order, but they all only have one path you can follow.

    The new version is something I wish I could work on, but with things going so bad for us financially, I don’t know if it will ever happen.

  20. Corbett Cappon

    Sorry for the financial problems dude… Can’t say I’m experienced enough with regards to that to know how to advise you. One day, when I have a job, I’ll make sure I donate to you though.

    If updating it is too cost intensive, do you think you could upload a “let’s play” of it? I know it’s inferior, but it’s something to tide us over in the mean time. (I know of at least 2 people going through a very tough time who would benefit from experiencing that game).

  21. Carlos Quinones

    Jonas, have you considered beginning a Kickstarter campaign to remake this game? I would be more than happy to contribute, as well as many others, I’m sure. Good luck!

  22. Kickstarter isn’t available in Germany.

    At the moment I want to focus on making new games. I have a big project coming up that is very exciting – but if that goes well I might be able to remake MoBM in 2013.

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