The Museum of Broken Memories

Mere words cannot describe the sheer complexity of this experience.
Jay is Games

All in all, The Museum of Broken Memories is a highly original and insightful work. […] It will work itself into the player’s brain and create more questions than answers.
Independent Adventuring

The Museum of Broken Memories is an extraordinarily beautiful, and disturbing, game.
Museum 2.0

After playing the game twice, I was a bit surprised. Kyratzes’ strong sentiments about the destructive effects of war were still there. I still had to escape the Museum – I was trapped, though how I got trapped in it was never made clear. But for the first time, I felt fear.
an occasional player’s review

There will be those who find a meaning that is deep and unique to them, and there will be those who find it pretentious and arthouse. For this reason, The Museum of Broken Memories deserves to be played if only to decide which camp an individual belongs.
Just Adventure

Welcome to the Museum of Broken Memories. A place of fragments, thoughts, and living nightmares – a paradox resting within the human soul. You may ask many questions: Where is it? What is it? And why are you there? But the true question is this: is there a way out?

This game was created a long time ago under adverse technical conditions, and while it means a great deal to me, I must also say that it has some major flaws. I am now a better designer with better technology available to me, and I would like to release an updated edition. Currently, however, I don’t have the financial security to spend the time required on remaking the game.



The Museum of Broken Memories is an experimental adventure game set in a museum. As to what exactly what the museum is, or where it is… well, why don’t you find out? It’s a story about war, death, love, friendship, imprisonment, the scars we all bear, and the way to freedom.


  • a mouse
  • a computer
  •  Windows 9x/ME/XP/Vista/7 (?)


  • Jonas Kyratzes – writing, design, graphics

Creative Commons music by:


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