I was going to post about Traitor now having its own page here on the site, but that’s boring and irrelevant. Instead, I’m posting this song about beards that made me laugh really hard. It’s by the appropriately named band The Beards, who have dedicated their lives to singing about facial hair. Brilliant songs like Beard Revolution or Beards Don’t Kill People, People With Beards Kill People.

Thanks to my friend Sebastian for pointing this out to me – as he likes to say, “a man without a beard is naked.”


  1. Sebastian

    I do like to say that. I’d like to point out though, I usually say it in German and I mean: “A man without a beard is not properly dressed.”

    A word to the beardless guys: never surrender, never give up. It will grow. Hopefully. Maybe…

  2. lin

    From the country that gave us The Muddy Turds, The Hard Ons, and the (awesome) Machine Gun Fellatio. The Beards are standing upon the shoulders of giants. Good stuff.

  3. Muddy Turds

    Hi, I’m a turd. We have played several gigs around Australia with The Beards, and they are tops! We are also working with one of the guys from Machine Gun Fellatio as our producer. Definitely check their stuff out. One other concept band in Australia is The Stiffys, while The Beards sing songs about beards, The Stiffys sing songs about erections.
    And here is a link to some muddy turds. FYI we have a red headed prime minister, so we are rangaphiles (lovers of those with red hair).

  4. lin

    Love this song. Had no idea 3KShort was your producer, had to look that up. You can definitely hear some MGF influence, but I was assuming it’s because you just can’t avoid being influenced by them being in that scene.

    The world needs more crazy aussies. So while we’re at it, I’m gonna unashamedly plug triplej and triplej unearthed for more awesome aussie music if anyone’s interested.

    Good luck guys!

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