How Corporate Power Ruined Your Gaming Experience

Today we found out when we will finally have an internet connection again.

Not next week, as I had hoped.

Not in two weeks, as I had feared.

In December.

Yes, dear reader: the kind-hearted Deutsche Telekom has decided to hog the phone line and make it impossible for our new provider to, well, provide us with an internet connection. Until the 9th of December. Even though we’re perfectly happy to keep paying them and the new provider until then.

I make my living on the internet, so you can imagine what this means to me. And no, there’s no way around it. This is one of the typical methods the Telekom uses to terrorize its customers into not leaving. It’s shameless and it’s a fucking disaster for us. My new game (the working title is Traitor, and I hope I can keep it, though I have some alternatives) is going really well, and we really need the sponsorship money, but it’s not exactly going to be easy communicating with sponsors without a connection at home. And then there will have to be integration with the sponsor’s site, which will have to be tested, and all sorts of other things that can’t just be quickly done in an internet cafe.

We’re currently investigating the possibility of getting some kind of internet-on-a-stick prepaid shit thing, which will be expensive and slow and unreliable, but still better than nothing.

This really sucks. Especially now that I have a game which is somewhat more commercial (a shmup with slight RPG elements) and might help us get out of this crappy financial situation, and Catroidvania right after that…

The title of this post may be slightly overblown, but it really does feel awful to be unable to do one’s creative work because of the idiocy of the corporate bureaucracy that runs our lives.


  1. James Patton

    WHAT THE F***?!?

    Sorry for the language, but WHAT?! And they expect you to pay them MONEY for RIPPING YOU OFF?!

    I’m just utterly speechless, this is ridiculous.

    So Deutsche Telekom provides phone service and *could* provide internet service, and when you decide to get non-DT internet the phone line says “No, you should have gone DT! No internet for you!”? That’s obscene.

    Also, can you change phone providers?

  2. We are changing phone providers – that’s part of the problem. Our old phone contract runs until December 9th, for whatever silly reason, and this means that they won’t let go of the phone line – even though we would still be paying them either way. This kind of thing is fairly typical of DT, who use a lot of rather dubious methods. (See Verena’s blog for the case where they suddenly claimed we’d ordered a new and extremely expensive contract.)

    It’s too complicated to explain here (and I’m using a friend’s PC), but with the various complications of how contracts are set up, this situation was more or less inevitable. But DT aren’t gaining anything from this – as I said, they’re still being paid either way, and there is no practical problem with allowing someone to take over the phone line – so this is mostly about making life difficult for us. In fact, having worked for a phone company once, I know that DT is infamous for the kind of shit they pull to terrorize people.

  3. James Patton

    Ouch. I really feel for you: this is just so needless!

    I read Verena’s blog post and yeah, they sound like the sort of company the world would be better without. It’s probably a good thing you’re changing phone providers even if it is a hassle now.

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