Disaster Day

The universe has this annoying way of balancing things out.

Yesterday I was fine. I felt great physically, had just come up with a new game idea, everything was wonderful. This morning I got up and felt a small ache in my back. It’s probably nothing, I thought. Five minutes into our morning walk it hurt so much that we had to turn back. I can barely move without all the muscles in my back going nuts. I look like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame on a bad back day.

And then the turtle managed to climb out of the aquarium and fall to the floor. Behind the furniture.

The vet says he’s probably OK; the bottom of his shell is lightly damaged, but not broken, and there don’t appear to be any serious injuries. We’ll have to watch him and see how things develop. I don’t know how the hell he managed to climb out – he’s never managed before in all these years. I guess he wanted to go back to the bathtub, where he was while we were in Greece. (He really needs a new aquarium, but we can’t afford one at the moment, and if I put him in the aquarium with the Zathras, they’ll kill each other. Zathras does not like Zathras.)

In happier news, the new oil pastels for the children’s book arrived today. Yay!

Anyway. Gragh. Pain. Let’s see if I can get anything at all done today.

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