I love the smell of WordPress in the morning

Everything’s back to normal! Well, not exactly, but the site has moved to a shiny new server, so yay.

The not-quite-normal part is that I had two of my wisdom teeth removed on Friday, and can now barely function. (Today is my fifth day of eating nothing but semi-liquid mush. I want pizza more than you can imagine.) Having your wisdom teeth removed generally sucks to begin with, but my wisdom teeth were the kind where the experienced dental surgeon, his hands covered in scars from years of being bitten, a tooth from the Dental Wars still lodged in his knee (it aches when the weather changes), looks at and says “Oh. I fear this is going to hurt rather terribly. ”

You see, my wisdom teeth had grown into my jawbone. So to be removed, they had to be broken in half, and the ingrown half scraped out of the fucking jaw. So yeah, it’s no surprise that I’m in a shitload of pain. There’s a giant fucking hole in my jaw!

But then, while I’m poor and sick and feel like shit, imagine what this would be like if I lived in the Third World, like Somalia or the United States. (Sorry folks, I don’t hate the United States at all – I’ve often spoken out against the tiresome anti-Americanism popular with certain types of pseudo-progressives – but when it comes to healthcare, the US is not a civilized nation. It’s the frigging jungle.)

Anyway. It’s time for me to slurp some soup. And then I’ll get back to working. Because despite feeling like I do, that’s what I’ve spent most of my time doing (heroism? stupidity? definitely stupidity). So expect lots of updates soon. Maybe even some screenshots.

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