The Making of “The Book of Living Magic” – Part Five

Here it finally is: part five. I’ve tried to be quite honest about the process (or rather my process) of making and selling a Flash game, so I hope this is interesting both to players and to developers.


  1. If by that you mean that my teeth are weird, yes, they are – particularly since one of them is chipped and needs to be fixed. All part of my devious Go To The Dentist And Be Tortured With Horrible Devices plan.

  2. Most enlightening and quite frankly lovely. Let’s just hope things get settled as fast as possible. And I do suggest you go for the commercial game too, as apparently you will. Cheers!

  3. Mickey

    Fascinating video! I typically don’t even watch these…types of videos, if you will, but this one was very interesting as you addressed some fundamental issues such as the fact that unfortunately one cannot really give away things for free and still survive, strictly pursuing one’s interests (which may be of noble value- bettering the world, enlightening, or entertaining people, perhaps), without some underlying pursuit of monetary gain (Forgive me- it’s poor wording), especially if it is something art-related.

    Alas, this comment is getting to be more of a rant. I can’t wait to see your new work, and good luck with attaining a sponsor if it has not yet been done!

    P.S. I am still waiting for a re-release of Phenomenon 32 if it ever happens 🙂 (If you remember, I’m the guy who glitched out well into the game)

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