What’s up?

What I’ve been doing lately:

  • Writing and rewriting the script for the Nexus City prequel.
  • Talking to a couple of sponsors about The Book of Living Magic. I never thought it would take so long to sell, and I’m extremely frustrated that I can’t show it to you. (Or get paid, for that matter.)
  • Working on a game in Stencyl, to be called Communist Space Cats of Venus. Title subject to change. I classify it as a Catroidvania game.
  • Trying to get people to read and (positively) review Melinoe.
  • Thinking that I could really do with a break. Not of the physical, bone-crunching kind, but of the kind where someone acknowledges the value of your work and gives you the chance to do a lot more of it, for a reasonable amount of money. I especially wish I could get into screenwriting – see above. I know, it ain’t easy. Trust me. I know.
  • Cursing the gods of audio cards that another project, which I’ve been working on with a friend for a while now, has been delayed yet again due to technical absurdities.
  • Preparing for finally making that game about the trolls – as a full-length commercial downloadable game. (And yes, if you’re one of the people who donated to have their name in it, that’s still happening!) It’ll take several months to finish, so I’ll still need to make other games to survive until then.

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