It’s not the end of history

Been listening to a lot of Alistair Hulett lately: beautiful, powerful revolutionary music. It’s very sad that he died so young – we need people like him more than ever in this New Age of the Fist – but his words and melodies remain with us, to inspire and uplift us.


  1. Frank Powers

    Deare Jonas,

    I’m an infrequent visitor to your blog and have happened to notice your deep concern for what’s currently going on in Greece. There is an excellent article on by Michael Hudson pointing out options and possible ways forward for the Greek people. As you are the only Greek I am personally aware of, I’d like to – maybe you might be able to spread the word a little further. The Greek people should know as much as they possibly can.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Frank Powers

    Alright, that comment got a little corrupted – damn these html-tags, I always mess them up. But it still serves its purpose, I think.

    (The missing part: “I’d like to point it out to you.” There. Now it’s complete again.)

    P.S.: At your suggestion, I started playing Terraria and have “wasted” a whole week’s time on it… Enjoyable experience, thanks for blogging on it.

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