The Book of Living Magic – Sponsorship

My new game, The Book of Living Magic, is looking for a sponsor! If you’re looking for a fun (yet not entirely unserious) point & click adventure game for your website, or if you know a sponsor who might be interested, please contact me.


  1. boo_boo

    nice acid-colored (and somewhat middlearth-ish) map!
    by the way, could you please consider releasing “book of living magic” as downloadable swf (or even .exe autoconverted from .swf) so it’ll be playable offline and not in browser window?
    that would be great for me and other people who just hates page-embedded flash for various practical and aesthetical reasons.

  2. @boo_boo: It kinda depends on the sponsor and the sponsorship details. They do want people playing the game on their sites. But depending on how it goes, it may well be possible to allow the swf file to be downloaded.

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