Here! And alive!

Yeah, I’m not dead. Not yet, anyway.

The last ten days or so have been very hard. Fever, coughing, headaches, bronchitis… and after a day or so, Verena caught it too. Important things have been delayed and our lives have been thrown out of whack. We’re slowly getting better now, but we’re still very weak.

In better news, I finished a new game. It’s called Alphaland, it’s unlike any of my previous work, and I like it a lot. At first I nearly had a nervous breakdown when someone had some technical issues with it, but from the looks of it, it’s not actually something I did wrong or can do anything about. I’ll be writing to sponsors and all that as soon as I’ve collected enough strength to go shopping first (which currently feels like trying to climb Olympus Mons).



    Also, it is quite strange that you are able to release something so close to your release of your last game. That’s never happened before, you usually take millenia. Hm. Ah, well. I’ll be really happy when you finally release that movie though. And all those other things you talked about.

  2. You’re a strong and durable artist after all. How very lovely. Σιδερένιος σύντροφε!

    Oh, and can’t wait for Alphaland. Take care of yourself and Verena. And if sponsorship fails, there are other ways too!

  3. BiggerJ

    You’ll probably have a better time getting this sponsored than You Shall Know The Truth. Well, assuming it’s not about something that lots of people are yelling about. When you were trying to get YSKTT sponsored, the phrase ‘ten foot pole’ came to mind.

  4. I know, but a game like Alphaland isn’t really big enough to sell on its own. Unless I sell it for 1$, and I’m not sure enough people would buy it for that to be meaningful.

  5. But how many people would actually pay for that? Alphaland has about 30 minutes to one hour of gameplay. And I wouldn’t know what a deluxe version would include, since the game is pretty much finished the way that it is.

  6. I see… Still, failing to grab a sponsorship you should try an sell it Jonas, at least for something resembling an iPhone price. Then there’s always the idea of a polished compilation of all your gaming stuff. Say, on CD, with a few extras and menu or something…

  7. Oh, I wish a compilation was possible, but

    a) Most of those games don’t run properly anymore, which is why I want to remake them.
    b) I would run into all sorts of difficulties with the music, much of which is creative commons.
    c) Next to no-one would actually buy such a compilation, I’m afraid.

  8. James Patton

    I too would definitely buy a game if you sold one, but as you say you would need a lot of people to buy such a game to survive as a developer.

    Still, if you did put something up for sale it would generate *some* income. Not a lot, but it might ease any monetary problems you have – and would continue to slowly generate revenue over time. Then you could release another one which would also generate a small amount of revenue and so on.

    I know this is extremely problematic since your games are fairly niche and I get the impression that you don’t have much time in which to make games which might generate income, but I don’t think it’s impossible. Plus, I get the impression that The Infinite Ocean got a lot of press. If you did release something and announced it on the major gaming news sites, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would at least take a look at it, which is half the battle when you’re trying to sell something.

    And I wish you the best of luck in this super-efficient phase of development: it would be terrible if you couldn’t keep making games since they’re so unique and do things that I’m pretty sure no other developer is thinking about right now.

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