Success! Well, almost.

The first version of You Shall Know The Truth, my Wikileaks Stories game, is done. There’s still some small issues that need to be worked out (the fonts aren’t displaying correctly, a couple of numbers need tweaking), but I’ll do that tomorrow. And then it’s done, and just needs a sponsor who wants to support freedom of speech and net neutrality. Let’s hope it finds one!

Either way, I can soon continue working on my next game, which is called Between. And of course Nexus City.


  1. And still in time to be relevant! I say that with minimal sarcasm, though I may be wrong, since I haven’t really kept up with those events.

    So, how’ll you be distinguishing Between from a certain Mr. Rohrer’s outing?

  2. I dunno how you manage to pick titles so fast – it’s always one of the last things I do. I still don’t really think of “Nexus City” as anything except a working title šŸ˜› And I’ve no idea what I’m gonna call my new thing.

  3. @TJF588: Unless there’s a revolution or something, the issue will remain relevant for quite some time.

    As for the Rohrer game, we’ll have to see. I hope it won’t be a problem, since my game is quite different. I’d love to keep the title, but I can always retitle it Pirate Ninja Monkey Geek Shit to get more attention.

    @Ava Avane Dawn: True, but that’s the internet for you.

    @Evil Roda: I’ll offer it to them, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll take it.

    @Terry: Titles are important for me. I almost never start working on anything before I have an idea for a title. Sometimes entire stories grow out of the titles.

  4. I had a creative writing class once, and we actually had an assignment to start a short story from the title (I picked “A Hard Journey to Tomorrow”) but I started writing it when I figured out an ending. I can’t write until I have a conclusion šŸ˜›

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