What The Ruling Class Thinks

Look at this and tell me we’re not at war.

The battle ahead is against us. The 1% want what little you and I have left. The question is: will you keep buying into the new Enemy of the Moment (the public sector, terrorists, Muslims, Greeks, Eurasia, Eastasia…) or will you realize that the enemy is right on top of us, and it’s a system?

Guns will not help you in the battle. Only understanding will.


  1. Lovely, they’ve just declared war on us. Good of them to finally announce it, instead of conducting it mostly in the shadows.

    Unions, of all things. Unions are extremely important. Everybody in this state should know that. Anybody who paid attention in their West Virginia History classes, anyways. Fuck, the entire COUNTRY should know how important unions have been. How do we so quickly forget the yellow dog contracts and the various crimes of the likes of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency!

  2. PAK

    A couple of years back I read an article in The Economist which declared that the level of university education in society was already too high and should be reduced by fee-increases etc.

    It’s still worth reading it though, since it’s only publications like The Economist that have both the budget and the inclination to print much actual information between their editorials.

  3. Jn

    I don’t know if you work in the public sector or not, Jonas, but if so, then I’m confused as to who this “us” is. The public sector’s interest is to enrich itself, which they do from taxes. So in other words, it is in their interest to see as much money taken from the wealth-generating private sector as possible. This means higher taxes and thus more money taken from private worker’s pay packets.

    Are you Greek, Jonas? I understand that public sector workers in Greece recieve 14 months pay a year. Quite a remarkable feat, I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s a safe bet that the workers in the private sector who are paying for these goodies don’t get this extra pay. The situation isn’t much different in my country.

    What’s happened, and why Greece and other European countries is in debt is due to the public sector spending more than it can gather from tax revenue.

    But don’t tell me that the pubic sector unions fighting to retain all these goodies are acting in the interests of the majority of workers or fighting on their behalf, because it’s clear from my explanation that they’re not. How is it in anyone’s interest to be taxed more for no tangible benefit? How is it in anyone’s interest to keep increasing the national debt?

  4. You are a racist asshole who doesn’t know the first thing about Greece or Greek people. Go repeat your Fox News bullshit elsewhere – or maybe grow a brain, look up the facts, and actually think about something for once. Until then, please stop wasting my time.

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