Zug der Opportunisten

Here’s something I wanted to share with any readers who happen to speak German. It’s a biting and hilarious song by brilliant comedian/writer/musician Marc-Uwe Kling, who took on the Social Democrats with Wer hat uns verraten?, and now goes on to tackle my least favourite party: the Greens.

(For the record, I am very much in favour of protecting and preserving the environment. But I am not in favour of pro-war, pro-corporate, pseudo-progressive monstrosities like the Greens.)

Thanks for letting me know about this, Julian!


  1. Oh, how I wish I knew German! I’d settle for a (good) translation crawling along the bottom of the video. Ditto for the other one.

    Also, while we’re on the subject of funny songs…

    And funny political videos…

    And funny videos about idiots…

    And funny videos about douchebags/wankers/sodding dickfaces…

  2. hyo

    this has totally changed my view about bananas.

    im übrigen ist es interessant, weil man mittlerweile in österreich schon sagen muss, naja, die grünen und die sozialdemokraten sind eigentlich das geringere übel. bei den letzten wahlen bekamen hierzulande die fpö (eine partei, die untere anderem einen maximalen-ausländeranteil von 12% in den schulklassen einführen möchte) über 20% der stimmen bekommen.

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