There Can Be No Resistance Without Enlightenment

The poor fool who blew himself up in Sweden a couple of days ago apparently wrote this to the police:

Now will your children, daughters and sisters die the same way our brothers and sisters die.

The same useless, horrible way that leads only to more hatred and destruction and achieves nothing for peace, justice or progress. The monstrous actions of the Western so-called democracies can only be countered by… the same monstrous actions on a smaller scale.

The same way, he said. But if you take the same way, you end up at the same destination.

And with tragic irony, the fool continued:

Our actions will speak for themselves.

So they did. Reminding us that you cannot fight the enemy with the methods of the enemy, because as cliché as they’ve made it sound, by doing so you become the enemy.


  1. PAK

    A group of religious fundamentalists attack some people for their secular progressive values. In retaliation, another group of religious fundamentalists restrict and abolish those secular progressive values. Then the secular progressive people spend ten years giving self-effacing apologies to each group for the actions of the other. I think it’s about time sane people got assertive.

  2. byth

    What did Sweden ever do to anybody? It disgusts me that people don’t stop and think about things, or if they do think, they do it backwards. I know that some people are legitimately insane, but these people that influence and “inspire” them, and those that support these actions, have to take a step back. Maybe some of them are sane, no? But I’m preaching to the choir. I agree with PAK, we need to get serious about dealing with people like this. Accommodation clearly isn’t working.

  3. @byth: The Swedish government did do nasty things to people – but you don’t counter that by using the same methods and hurting Swedish people, who are not the same as their government. I agree with PAK that we need to stop accomodating the lunatics – and that includes the lunatics who run our countries. Them more than anyone else, since they have the most power and are the real initiators of a lot of the chaos that’s happening in the world.

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