Tell me more, tell me more

“Phenomenon 32 was genius, like Isaac Asimov and William Blake working for Atari.”

– Edward Hosking

When I read that particular sentence in a recent email, I couldn’t stop grinning for half an hour. If that’s a sign of ego, so be it. I think it’s the coolest thing anyone has ever said about Phenomenon 32, and it makes me ridiculously happy.

(Come to think of it, many years ago the same person described The Museum of Broken Memories as “like having a cocktail party with Nietzsche.” Which was also pretty awesome. Since I suck at writing descriptions of my own games, maybe I should hire this guy to write them for me.)

(Not that I can actually hire anyone, but, you know.)

(You don’t? Well, whatever.)

(I’ll go get a glass of water now. You better be gone when I get back.)

(Look, a dog!)