Gregory Weir’s new game, Looming, is finally out. I playtested this one, so I can tell you that it’s absolutely excellent: atmospheric, poetic, and thoughtful. If you enjoy my games, especially The Museum of Broken Memories, you should definitely play this. You’ll love it.

I’m only jealous I can’t also do this for a living. Damned Flash.

Now go. Play Looming.


  1. My attempts to understand Flash so far have lead only to complete and utter bafflement. And I’ve had some really nice and helpful people offer source code and advice, but still…

    I’d kill to be able to make money with small, interesting Flash games. (Not anyone, of course. But I’d kill Margaret Thatcher, for example, or Uwe Boll. Then again, I’d do that for free. *g*)

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