Back on GameJolt

Phenomenon 32 is back up on GameJolt, now with a new description that will hopefully confuse people less as to the nature of the game.

A discussion with the owner/creator of GameJolt (who is very nice) has convinced me that to simply remove the game is to give in to the people who are currently making the site less than it could be. Not because the game is the most perfect creation ever, but because no matter what its flaws and its audience, it is a serious indie effort, and that’s what GameJolt is supposed to be about. If I remove my game, I’m also sending a signal to other indie developers that GameJolt is more trouble than it’s worth. And I don’t want to do that, because – as I said in an earlier post – I really do think the site has great potential.

So Phenomenon 32 is back up, and I’ll also upload a couple of my other games (I can only giggle at what the reaction to those might be). This time I’ll keep my cool.

If you enjoyed the game – and by now it’s starting to appear that several people really, really did – then I would be enormously grateful if you went over to GameJolt and left a comment and/or rating.