Overreaction Over

Yes, you’re right. I overreacted.

I behaved in a way that can only be described as silly, and fed the trolls some prime trollfood. Granted, the attacks were more personal than usual this time, but being hated by idiots comes with being any kind of artist. Especially a silly one like me. What can I say? Sometimes, especially when I’m tired and/or enthusiastic, I forget to turn on my inner cynic.

But why am I complaining? Many of the people whose opinions I respect are enthusiastic about Phenomenon 32. The right people are having fun. Sure, the haters make everything more difficult, but since when is that new? My games are wildly successful compared to some of the reactions William Blake got to his work, and his work is infinitely better than anything I’ve ever done.

Yep. Totally overreacted. Blame it on the state of mind of someone who’s spent entirely too much time sitting in front of Construct trying to make everything work.

There are other things to worry about, other stories to be told.

One good thing did come out of all this, though: all this thinking and worrying about trolls helped me come up with a wonderful opening line for my next game. Speaking of which: yes, it’s going to happen. Donations are still extremely welcome and helpful. And I have decided upon a timeframe of sorts: I’ll take a break from game design for a few months to work on other projects (like getting my book published), and with fresh energy and enthusiasm I will make the game in September-October. Maybe I’ll even make it in Construct, if it’s a bit more stable by then.

Anyway. Things are good. I got a new monitor for my birthday, and lots of books. There are stories to read, and stories to tell, and a cat to feed. What else can a person want?

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