Whoa, dudes

I just saw the thread about Phenomenon 32 on Something Awful, and… whoa. Just whoa. That’s a lot of hate in one place, guys.

Not sure how to react to this, really. I mean, on one level I guess it’s hilarious to see just how absurd some of the comments are. On another level, it’s quite sad – why do these people have nothing better to do than to bash other people’s work? For fuck’s sake, it’s just art – if you don’t like it, say it’s not your thing and move on. And why turn this into some kind of personal issue with me? Apparently I’m some kind of self-obsessed emo wannabe who spams the world with his artistic creations and then whines when people don’t like them. Oh, and my blog is bad because it has a lot of entries. Hey, maybe I even use long words sometimes.

I’ve been asked by several people to reconsider removing my game from GameJolt, and maybe that’s the wiser course of action. After all, the hate’s gonna come from everywhere. My mistake wasn’t putting the game on GameJolt, it was making a game that is labelled “platformer” and thus attracts a different crowd than something labelled “adventure.”

It’s clear that this is little more than trolling, of course. People want to feel big, so they need something to crap on, especially when that something is not exactly what they want it to be (i.e. small and easy and featuring ninjas, zombies or pirates). And they love nothing more than someone articulately trying to explain his or her choices – that’s whining and being emo. It’s the George W. Bush approach to discussion: “huh huh huh, he’s talking about numbers!” And anyone who actually likes the game is obviously just me posting under an assumed name, or someone involved with the game.

In the end, engaging with this kind of stupidity is just lose-lose. But having to deal with these people’s limitless stupidity and self-important anger is also a total waste of my time. Time which I could be using to tell other stories, in a medium where they might actually reach the people they’re meant for.

Those being self-obsessed emos with artistic pretensions, of course. Or perhaps self-obsessed emus with artistic pretensions. You never know with these flightless birds.


  1. TJF588

    Yeah, totally put it back onto GameJolt. Heck, if there’s a rating system there, you could end up with some kinda cult following from anyone who’d troll* the mega-negative’d entries. At any rate, it’s not like those who’d easily disregard it based on negativities would’ve heard about it anyway (and even if they’re so swayed, it’s not like you’re relying on getting your paycheck from them).

    However, it’s always good to take in what others may say, stupidly presented and misaimed as it may be. You could get a direction or idea from ’em, and perhaps some of the comments are legitimately, if not rudely, aimed at whatever failings or weaknesses of the game according to its type. An artist should feel they have succeeded at their piece first and foremost, but to disregard every sort of voice is to narrow your scope of influences.

    …or something. Not like I have any sort of training in these matters, professional or practical.

    *liek “trollin’ da waturz”

  2. “Apparently I’m some kind of self-obsessed emo wannabe who spams the world with his artistic creations and then whines when people don’t like them.”

    [spends an entire post being a self-obsessed emo wannabe who whines about people not liking his artistic creation]

  3. Really?

    I’m going to be sad now and waste my time posting on someone else’s journal about how everything they say qualifies as being self-obsessed. It’s the only way I can vent my frustration at not having a life.

    Oh wait, that’s you.

    Run along, troll.

  4. SomeRandomGuy

    First, before I comment on your post, let me get one thing out of the way. I’ve played Phenomenon 32, and what little I have seen of it is actually very good. I don’t mind the file size at all, although my internet connection is one of the worst out there. I played your game entirely expecting to hear cringe-worthy voice acting paired with generic music, which is all to common among indie games, but heard none of the sort. Don’t get me wrong though, it definitely isn’t award-winning in quality but neither is it capable of inflicting brain damage.

    In fact, the only complaints I have stem from the graphics and the terrible computer I am using. I’m not very picky about graphics, although I do have to admit I am a sucker for games such as Crysis, but I believe that the shape of the ‘ship’ the player controls makes little sense. This is only a minor complaint, and I assume for now that I am an idiot and have just missed some explanation of it. It still irks me though, that I do not understand why you chose that shape. And while on the topic of graphics, the bullet that the player fires at the start of the game is a bit difficult to see, being only one pixel in size. But of course, like the other complaint, this is only minor and I would definitely put up with it.

    However, I have not been able to get past the first two areas of the game. This is not because of difficulty but rather because the computer I was using froze while I was playing and now my save file has been screwed over. I cannot access any of the three areas beyond the first two, even though the game recognizes that I have been through those areas already. This is not your fault, the computer I am using simply tends to fail sometimes and will do this for nearly any program. I have attempted to fix the problem of my save file being screwed by uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but of course that did not work. I would, however, appreciate it if you were to mention where it is that those save files are kept. I am merely a humble and lazy arse that cannot be bothered to spend hours looking through this computer’s files for it, with the exception of a handful of the more obvious places; the ‘my documents’ folder and the program’s folder. Keep in mind that I am not mocking you when I wrote that sentence, I mean it with all honesty.

    Even so, getting on to the topic of your post, I believe that you are overreacting. People are going to criticize, lampoon, and debase your game. And that’s all right. This happens to any game, or any media for that matter, that has any sort of flaws within it and that isn’t followed by a cult army of fans. Please, whatever you do, do not consider their remarks as an attack on yourself or your personality. Because it isn’t. I know you poured hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours into your game, and I can understand that you want people to appreciate it, but if you are going to make art then the one thing you have to understand is that you cannot appease everyone, even though as a game designer that is the essence of your job. Sometimes you just have to realize that some of their complaints are outlandish and say nuts to them.

    Alright, I am done ranting. I apologize for going on for so long, but I had so much to say and I honestly want to put all of this in one place. Take it or leave it, declare tl;dr and move on, whatever. I’ve stated my thoughts.

  5. Hi – I don’t mind anything that you said. Some of your criticisms are probably absolutely valid, though in some cases it’s merely a matter of opinion (for example, I inherently like the shape of the ship on an aesthetic level, and to my mind it fits with the overall abstract nature of the graphics – but I can accept that it bothers you).

    As for the save games, I’m very sorry this happened to you. Your problem should be fixable by deleting them: to do so, delete all the files in the “Phenomenon 32 Saves” folder, which is a subfolder of Application Data (usually to be found under C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data).

    And yes, I did overreact. There’s no reason to take this sort of thing seriously. My only excuse is that I was quite tired, and that I intensely dislike personal conflicts (and a lot of people made this very personal). There’s a part of me that always wants to argue, to explain – I made the mistake of letting that part out, which was pointless and silly.

    Finally, I really wish the game was more stable and ran on slower systems, but it’s simply not up to me – much of the instability simply comes from Construct, because Construct is still pre-1.0. But without Construct, there would be no game at all.

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