GameJolt no more

I really liked working with GameJolt; the interface is nice, the site owners were incredibly friendly and helpful, and I like the overall concept a lot.

Unfortunately, the players there hated Phenomenon 32 with an enormous amount of passion. They hated it for its graphics, for having a manual, for having voice acting, for its music, and above all for its file size. (Yes, the crime of a free game offering you a lot of content.) Every time I turned on my computer, more bile-filled comments would come in, until I realized that it was simply pointless to keep the game there.

If you’ve read my website before, you know I do love a good intellectual fight sometimes, and I can’t help but defend things I like (even when they are my own). But it’s one thing to set out to provoke people and then react to that, or to write about a controversial issue and then discuss, and quite another to simply hang about in a place where everyone hates you. It’s pointless and ultimately destructive.

So, as much as I like GameJolt, I think leaving Phenomenon 32 on there is too much a case of feeding the trolls. And, as we all know, trolls are perfectly OK feeding themselves.

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