GameJolt no more

I really liked working with GameJolt; the interface is nice, the site owners were incredibly friendly and helpful, and I like the overall concept a lot.

Unfortunately, the players there hated Phenomenon 32 with an enormous amount of passion. They hated it for its graphics, for having a manual, for having voice acting, for its music, and above all for its file size. (Yes, the crime of a free game offering you a lot of content.) Every time I turned on my computer, more bile-filled comments would come in, until I realized that it was simply pointless to keep the game there.

If you’ve read my website before, you know I do love a good intellectual fight sometimes, and I can’t help but defend things I like (even when they are my own). But it’s one thing to set out to provoke people and then react to that, or to write about a controversial issue and then discuss, and quite another to simply hang about in a place where everyone hates you. It’s pointless and ultimately destructive.

So, as much as I like GameJolt, I think leaving Phenomenon 32 on there is too much a case of feeding the trolls. And, as we all know, trolls are perfectly OK feeding themselves.


  1. Jonas, please reconsider this. I think it’s better to try and ignore the flaming trolls than to lose any kind of exposure. It must be a really tough, depressing, and revolting experience to open up your mail in the morning and find heaps of hate in there, but having Phenomenon 32 in many places can only help bring out word about it to more people. Also, you can always filter them nasty trolls into a separate mail folder. 😉 Just think about it.

  2. As I understand it, “feeding the trolls” is responding to them or letting them influence your actions. “Not feeding the trolls” is to continue as if they weren’t there. Removing the game is providing the trolls with a big, delicious victory.

  3. Xerron

    Please don’t quit on GameJolt…it has potential to spread word about your games…You shouldn’t let a few comments bother you. Game developing can be highly competitive, and there is certain to be a few rotten comments. But, you ought not give in so easily. It would be wise to ignore the blatant remarks and do your best, regardless of what others think.

    And lets not confuse hateful comments with those who only want to help through expressing some criticism…

  4. DalaranJ

    I’m pretty sure most of the trolls are referrals from my promotion of the game on Something Awful. If you got 10 trolls for about 200 downloads of the game than that’s a pretty low ratio.

    I’m not going to link them to your’ site because with a 240 MB download they’ll destroy your’ bandwidth. Tell me when you upload it somewhere else.

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