Patch 1.3

I’ve uploaded another patch. It:

  • fixes the map problem where you could access any level by clicking around
  • changes how the ESC key works (thanks, Gregory)
  • attempts to fix some rare, bizarre issues (falling through terrain)
  • updates the manual

Get it by clicking here. The full installer is being uploaded, but as usual will take a few hours.


  1. TJF588

    So, patched my v1.2, and now what I assume are the Sewers seems to be nowhere. With the first load-up there was a “bong” behind the black screen; after exiting, I saw it read “Failed to [create?] Direct X [device?],” and when I closed the noticed, my game of Solitaire went with it. Dunno if that (esp. with my split-second memory) would help at all. I’ll try the installer.

  2. TJF588

    Nope, reinstalled (though the save files persisted, and I didn’t restart between uninstalling, reinstalling, and running), and neither the Sewers nor anywhere else in my mad clicking produced anything (unless it’s now something besides left-clicking that gets you someplace). I feel bad, a bearer of bad news, but that’s how it is on my end. Windows 7 Home, for your info.

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