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I guess you really know you’ve managed to create an alien world when you get a bug report that reads:

One of those mousey things in that area north of the base, with those squiggly spreadshooters, is now on the lower level of the second structure, with the E.T. thing, instead of on the third level with that bulgy thing.

I laughed myself silly when reading it, mostly because it’s exactly the kind of language you’d expect this game to be described in.

Anyway, could someone tell me which area this is referring to? I thought it meant Industrial Area [832|736], but that doesn’t seem to be it, or at least I can’t find anything.


  1. BiggerJ

    You might have more chance of getting a response if you ask the guy who posted that bug report by name – TJF588.

    Also, I hope you’re also going to try and fix that bug where you can visit areas that don’t have visible icons yet. Dojutrek said it might be unfixable but I don’t think that’s likely.

    My message to TJF588: Goddammit, soldier! This operation is vital to the continued existence of the human race! You WILL use the official co-ordinates when referring to any location!

  2. It was too amusing not to do an actual post about.

    And I’m trying to fix the other bug right at this moment. It is very odd, because the code really should work, but it doesn’t. I think I’m missing something about how Construct interprets these commands. But I think I can figure it out.

  3. TJF588

    Glad to have been of service. Now, to actually try being of service.

    I don’t know the location’s name, because I can’t get through the area. It’s very flat, and past the building in question is one with a radiation level of 1 (and some Octium). Past that is a big room with blobs in the upper corners, and then death at the tentacles of a giant spreadshooter.

    Perhaps telling you the resources available? There’s first three Octium’s (‘guarded’ by one of the mousers), then running past a squiddie. Then, in the floor above the E.T. enemy, there’s a row of Quatrium to the left and a Radiation: 1 machive to the right. Above them is a wide room with more Octium to the left, and those two enemies patrolling. On the roof above is a sort of open room with precious Saganite (so many things require it, but I can’t find an easy source past reclaiming the base!).

    It’s in that second Octium location that the little mouser was with it usual posse when I loaded the game up to check, but back when I’d posted the quoted notice, it for some reason was down with the E.T.. I don’t think it came from the big blob-corner room a couple screens to the right, since that mouse-mob seems content to hang around there.

    NO idea if this makes anything clearer. The map location is at the side of what looks like a mountain range, again north of the base.

  4. Maratanos

    Okay, I would have to pull up my other operating system in order to confirm the coordinates, but it sounds like he’s talking about the Sewers level that you get to if you enter the level immediately north of the base and drop down when you get past the giant eye-tentacle. The one with the huge quantities of Octium-B.

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