Okay, version 1.2 is up. I am going to do a proper announcement later. It’s been a long day, and I need some food and relaxation first.

I hope this works. I so do.


  1. BiggerJ

    I’ve discovered another bug – actually, I discovered it back when I was tyring to play 1.0. I didn’t know it was a bug when I was playing 1.0, but now I’m sure of it. It’s possible to visit locations on the map by clicking them even when they don’t have visible icons yet.

  2. BiggerJ

    Besides that, and the inexplicable change TJF588 mentioned in response to your previous post which you might have missed, which I’ll quote below, there don’t seem to be any other bugs.

    TJF588’s post: “One of those mousey things in that area north of the base, with those squiggly spreadshooters, is now on the lower level of the second structure, with the E.T. thing, instead of on the third level with that bulgy thing.”

  3. Dojutrek

    BiggerJ, I mentioned the same problem. It might not even be possible to fix the problem. Construct isn’t a perfect product and there are bound to be limitations in the system that can’t be remedied by any amount of coding.

    Either way it doesn’t matter, as you’ll be too underpowered and unarmored to handle many of the threats found in the later areas. I’ve even tried going to each Com Tower once I found the issue and was clobbered almost instantly by Radiation or P32 Creatures.

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