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I’ve made some real improvements to some of the levels in Phenomenon 32. This makes me very happy; they just didn’t feel right before, and now they do. Tomorrow I’ll add a couple more areas. Then I’ll playtest the game and see if the new numbers work. And then it might be done.

We saw How To Train Your Dragon today, and were totally blown away. It has some minor flaws, but they don’t really matter, because the movie has so much energy and so much heart that it just sweeps you up. It is hilarious and often deeply touching. (The trailer was terribly misleading.) Also, the dragon looks and behaves a lot like our cat – and we weren’t the only ones who thought so.

Have I ever mentioned that I adore Craig Ferguson? I wish he wasn’t so careful about being apolitical, but he makes me laugh a great deal. Especially when he claims that his audience, mostly unseen, consists of naked hobos. Yes, I’m that intellectual.

The weather has been good for the last couple of days, which has cheered me up enormously. I’m just not built for bad weather – I get deeply, deeply depressed when everything is grey and lifeless. It doesn’t help that we’re in Germany, a country which has +5 at both greyness and lifelessness.

Oh, yes. We also saw Cop Out in the sneak preview, and it nearly cost us our sanity. I think it may win the prize for Most Stupid Movie Ever Made. I’ve haven’t seen anything as infantile in… in… I don’t know actually remember anything as infantile as this. Cop Out makes Scary Movie look like Shakespeare.

And Borderlands is still great fun, especially in multiplayer. What a delightful game.


  1. Have not seen either movie, honestly. HTTYD looks pretty good for a Dreamworks animation- very few are actually good, most are mediocre at best, and nearly every one of them has a character doing that weird half-grin thing that makes me want to punch them in the face- but I haven’t had much interest in seeing it. Perhaps later.

    As for Cop Out, I don’t care if it has Bruce Willis in it, even the trailer looked infantile. I’m not gonna watch that without at least five loaded and cocked guns pointed at my head and two at my right hand. And even then, I’m still gonna have to think about it.

    Glad to hear that P32 is still coming along and that you’re liking it more and more. I can’t wait for the new version and whatever you have in store for us next.

  2. I dream that, one day, I will be able to control an army of giant mutant robotic butterflies with silly hats that shoot lasers out of their antennae. When that day comes, I will descend upon Somalia with the force of a nuclear weapon the size of the sun going off! First, Somalia, then, more third world African countries, then, central Europe, then Scandinavia, then Russia, then our Russian forces meet our Central European forces and double back to march on West Europe, then Western Europe, then the United States and Canada, then we invade Mongolia, pull back as soon as China attacks, double up our forces, march on China and Korea, then, the world! Mwuhahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Have not seen either movie, honestly. HTTYD looks pretty good for a Dreamworks animation- very few are actually good, most are mediocre at best, and nearly every one of them has a character doing that weird half-grin thing that makes me want to punch them in the face- but I haven’t had much interest in seeing it.

    I know, but trust me – this one is special.

  4. These people disgust me. >:(
    Just wanted to bring that ‘argument’ to your attention, to show the determination of these people to block universal healthcare in the US at all costs. They will stop at nothing. They will make up facts, they will pull theories and horror stories out of their asses, and they will ignore the fact that France and Great Britain have two of the best healthcare systems in the world. My teacher (who is a conservative, but at least respects our opinions), upon hearing that, said, “If you can get in.” No. That’s a lie, fed to her by Murdoch and his lap dogs at Fox News. In a universal healthcare system done correctly, doctors are not refused the ability to treat their patients. There is no waiting period for urgent care. She also believes the (completely false) idea that emergency rooms are required to give you treatment. Wrong, they are only legally bound to stabilize you. If you are in severe pain, as long as you aren’t about to die, they are allowed to kick you out.
    Fuck, I’m starting to ramble. I guess my point is, these people are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to make the US go without universal healthcare. This is such a horrible situation. If the previous generations had no hope, what hope do I have?
    And now, I’m going to post this on my forum and my DA page. Toodles!

  5. Mr. Edwards DOES have a point. The rich DO create jobs. BUT they only do so under the right circumstances. Those circumstances are:

    1) They have a lot of money to spend on themselves.

    2) They have spare money to spend on employees.

    3) Machines aren’t doing the work of the employees.

    If “1” isn’t true, then “2” will be reduced in order to compensate for “1”. Exempting retail, restaurants, small businesses, etc. for obvious reasons, this eventually leads to “3”. “1” eventually comes back up to the previous level, but who cares? He’s got money and only has to pay a few people to turn the machines on (with a some guys coming in a few times a year to fix stuff that breaks).

    I’m not so naive as to say there aren’t SOME good things about capitalism, such as generating incentive to create good products and thus create business, but I’m also not an idiot. Capitalism is a rat-race with no barriers between the lanes, there’s food at the end, and all the rats are starving. Thing is, some of these rats have proverbial guns. And if that’s not enough, some of these guns are bigger than others.

    Those that are dogmatic about capitalism are NOT CEOs of large corporations that buy and sell politicians. Those that have held business positions have never been that high up. Even if they owned their own business, it was and never would be as big as Wal-Mart or McDonald’s. Most likely it was just a local thing that eventually closed down. Since Wal-Mart wasn’t involved in this, they blame the government. If Wal-Mart WAS involved, they wouldn’t be acting so immature and they would realize exactly what pure capitalism is.

    In my personal opinion, I think Obama’s got the right idea, he’s just going about it the wrong way. I believe that the solution lies between the two extremes of capitalism and socialism. If we could get the perks of both of them without recreating Frankenstein’s monster (taking what was “beautiful”, only to come out with something hideous), then THAT would be a good system.

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