Kittendragons, games, and other things.

I’ve made some real improvements to some of the levels in Phenomenon 32. This makes me very happy; they just didn’t feel right before, and now they do. Tomorrow I’ll add a couple more areas. Then I’ll playtest the game and see if the new numbers work. And then it might be done.

We saw How To Train Your Dragon today, and were totally blown away. It has some minor flaws, but they don’t really matter, because the movie has so much energy and so much heart that it just sweeps you up. It is hilarious and often deeply touching. (The trailer was terribly misleading.) Also, the dragon looks and behaves a lot like our cat – and we weren’t the only ones who thought so.

Have I ever mentioned that I adore Craig Ferguson? I wish he wasn’t so careful about being apolitical, but he makes me laugh a great deal. Especially when he claims that his audience, mostly unseen, consists of naked hobos. Yes, I’m that intellectual.

The weather has been good for the last couple of days, which has cheered me up enormously. I’m just not built for bad weather – I get deeply, deeply depressed when everything is grey and lifeless. It doesn’t help that we’re in Germany, a country which has +5 at both greyness and lifelessness.

Oh, yes. We also saw Cop Out in the sneak preview, and it nearly cost us our sanity. I think it may win the prize for Most Stupid Movie Ever Made. I’ve haven’t seen anything as infantile in… in… I don’t know actually remember anything as infantile as this. Cop Out makes Scary Movie look like Shakespeare.

And Borderlands is still great fun, especially in multiplayer. What a delightful game.

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