I am sick. Last night my fever reached 39.2°C, and today I still have a miserable headache and my stomach feels like it has melted.

Yes, the stress is catching up with me. I’m relaxed now, but all these weeks of working incessantly have taken their toll on my immune system. At least that’s what I’m guessing.

I will now drink my soup and try to get better.


  1. I was sick recently myself. Horribly dehydrated, very stuffy, somewhat light-headed as a result, terrible cough and a scratchy throat. No vomiting, thankfully. But I still felt like crap.

    So stay in bed, get some rest, and keep your fluids up. Take care of this bug first, and don’t worry about the bugs in P32 until you are COMPLETELY better.

    Okay, yeah, saw a bug joke, but I guess the execution was pretty bad, huh? I guess I’ll just try to avoid jokes like that until I can figure out a good delivery method for them.

    Get back to work on your projects when you actually FEEL like you can, Jonas, and not a moment before. We don’t want you to get up one day and say, “I feel like eggs, bacon, and writing three novels in two hours!” only to wind up hanging your head over the toilet, throwing up.

    …jeez, I write long comments. I should stop that.

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