A number of bugs have been reported in the version I uploaded. Some of them make sense and will be fixed by the new save/load system, while others are entirely insane. (Spawning in terrain? That shouldn’t be even remotely possible.) I’m wondering whether some of them aren’t simply due to Windows Vista – if so, there’s probably nothing I can do about those.

Anyway, I have to go to work soon, but I’ll have a (relaxed) look at these issues later today. I think we can expect version 0.9 to be released in a few days; if, that is, I can make a version that most people will be able to play. We’ll see.


  1. Kyle

    Yup, and if it makes you feel at least a little better, I downloaded the first version and with the exception of one hiccup (which might have been just me hitting the esc key on accident) I haven’t had any problems/crashes/lost saves, etc.

  2. Dojutrek

    Well, good news about the Compatibility settings and the game proper. With Windows NT Compatibility, the game is 99% stable and doesn’t even crash for anything (on my PC).

  3. boo_boo

    you may report Vista-related bugs to Construct developers, and if they care, they’ll fix these.. after all, they’re promising compatibility with all windows versions from XP upto 7

  4. Maratanos

    If you’re running Windows Vista and having lots of bizarre errors, then I would recommend copying the entire Phenomenon 32 directory in Program Files and pasting it into someplace like your desktop or My Documents. That should resolve all issues relating to Windows Vista’s desire to make Program Files read-only unless you’re an administrator.

  5. Okay, it seems that the “spawning in terrain” thing is actually more like the ship not spawning at all and the camera being as far down as it’ll go. I can still move from side to side, but I can’t jump. I can fire the laser (haven’t tried with missiles, though). But the ship simply isn’t there. And if I move it all the way to the end of the level, then I can’t move back anymore. Trying to go to the map doesn’t work either. At least one of the enemies doesn’t move, either, that being the blob-thing with tentacles on top that takes two basic laser shots to kill. I can’t remember if the flying dots move. The other enemy I’ve seen in the first two levels, the slider that takes only one shot to kill, does still move.

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