Partial Victory for Sky Cat

I have gotten approximately 6.5 hours of sleep in the last three days.

Oddly enough, this is not due to working on the game; but it doesn’t make it easier. So you’ll hopefully excuse me for going to sleep now, and uploading the game tomorrow. Uploading means waiting – and, given that the game is nearly 300MB, it’s going to take a while. Especially since I want to upload it to multiple places.

So when I wake up tomorrow – which might be a little later than usual, because I’m really fricking tired – I’ll start the agonizing process that will finally allow you to play Phenomenon 32.

P.S. Unless Sky Cat changes its mind. We must always remember to acknowledge that possibility.


  1. Evil Roda

    Mum, Frisky, Sassy, you best be getting used to the cold. I don’t want any distractions from this game, God fucking dammit! *slams fist on desk*
    I forgive you for making us go through one more excruciatingly painful night of waiting. I just wanna play the game before Tuesday. That’s all I ask!
    If anything happens, I will blow up the nearest US Post Office. With the power of my mind. Please, Skycat, think of the postal workers and mail carriers!

  2. TJF588

    Hey, as long as you’re not kersplodin’ my dad’s station.

    Ceiling Cat has watched you code, and now watches your fingers spasm in the night to fitful dreams of insensible troubleshooting.

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