Of Rodents and Humanoids

I am hoping to release Phenomenon 32 tomorrow. I’m not going to make any promises, though. I’m disappointed I didn’t manage it earlier, but then, huge development teams with million-dollar budgets also have last-minute problems, so maybe I’m being unfair to myself. Or maybe I’m just an incompetent moron making excuses for himself. Either way, I will go to bed now, run some more tests tomorrow morning, and then release the game.



  1. Evil Roda

    Well, I suppose I just wasn’t meant to have too much time for this game right now.
    I have school all this week, all next week, a Boy Scout outing Saturday, and the week after next, I’ve got to march in a Disney parade, and I have rehearsal this Thursday and next Tuesday for it. I’ve also got to bring my band shoes to school to be packed for the trip. So damned busy…
    Ah, well. C’est la vie, as the French say (along with a considerable amount of English speakers, for some odd reason).

  2. TJF588

    For neither of those reasons has this delay occurred. The matter is, you let your guard down. You felt sure of the product, confident that your labors have coalesced into a working product, then gave it time to ruminate on your, for its view, negligence of its final developments. In allowing it to brood, you hexed yourself in the interim, such that, when the ‘dead’line arrived, it made sure you would make up for lost quality time.

    You can never trust computers. Never, Jonas, make a robot. Especially with a due date.

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