19th nervous breakdown

In trying to fix the crashing issue, I made some changes to how the game handles sound. Changes that logically should make it work better and possibly prevent crashes. Now everything’s gone to hell and the sound becomes tinny at random.

I am confused, and have no idea what to do. There are no understandable patterns to any of this. One moment it’s working fine, the next it’s going crazy. Sometimes the same piece of code will do two different things. I feel like screaming.


  1. Theo

    Jonas,you should relax.After all,if you don’t,then we won’t be able to enjoy this game,will we?\
    Just get well man,and then you will fix this,but only with a clear head.
    The P32 followers will wait,I think

  2. Andrea

    Oh man…this is gonna be more troubled than the DPI thing of Desert Bridge…have you tried to reinstall the whole Construct…obviously saving the project? Maybe it’s just a corruption of the compiler’s file…or of the audio plugin’s file (I suppose a dll)…
    Really…I have totally no clue of what else can deteriorate a software without doing absolutely anything…than a filesystem failure that may have corrupt your files.
    My (humble) experience says so…I just wanna help…
    Sometimes the easiest solution is in front of you…and you can’t see it 😉

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