Invasion of the Evil Bugs

I’ve managed to beat two newly cropped-up bugs back into the ground. There’s only a single obstacle left to releasing the game… again. I’ve asked for help in the Construct forums, and have a couple of possibilities I can still try out.

But for now, I will take a break. Just an hour, to watch the newest episode of Dollhouse and relax a little. I’ve been working with very few breaks for days now, and I’m exhausted both mentally and physically. I desperately want you to play this game (it’s right here – I have the damn .exe right in front of me!), and I will keep working until it’s done… but every now and then I need to breathe, or you will have a complete game and a broken designer.

So see you soon.


  1. This is true. It’s funny, waiting for P32 to release, I redownloaded Desert Bridge. The first notes from the opening music sent tingles down my spine… Nope, don’t want to wait for P 32, but definitely can.

  2. Evil Roda

    *rubs his huge creepy praying appendage thingies together evilly*
    Yesssss, it is all falling into place…
    First, Phenomenon 32! Then, the world! Mwuhahahahahahahahaha!
    *munches on a leaf, or whatever praying mantises happen to eat*

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