bizarre bugs

OK, to give you an idea of the strange stuff I’m struggling with. In the game there’s a type of block that falls if you jump on it. Pretty standard platformer stuff, really. And it works fine.

But then, when you load, all blocks of this type are suddenly 16 pixels further up than before. WTF?

Now, this is almost certainly a bug in Construct – it has a few really odd ones. But I have to decide what to do about it. Keep this oddness in the game? Write different code for making the blocks fall? Make the blocks transform into cheese instead? (I’m writing new code now.)

Another bug that has just shown up – after Cat knows how many hours of playing the game without any problems – involves random crashes when going from one screen to the other. They are rare, but they happen, and they make no sense at all. So what the hell do I do? There is no discernible pattern. Hope they’re rare enough not to matter? Wait even longer before releasing the game?

We’ll see.


  1. Andrea

    Ok, I’ll talk a bit more…
    I think that’s better to wait a little longer and play “bug-check & fixed later-game”…than release an “hopefully-rare-bug-free early-game”.
    I know that’s obvious…but often the obvious things are obscured by earlyness…
    Chill out…I think that we’ll be right here …whenever you’ll release Phenomenon 32 …you’re not even paid for this…so we’ll not claim to be refunded! 🙂

  2. Theo

    I think you should take a few days break Jonas.Cease any speculation about the release date of this game,even its progression for a few days.Health goes first.
    Then,when you think you are alright,try to fix those bugs,even if the release date will be delayed for weeks.
    Don’t put pressure on yourself because of hurrying up.Get calm,and get it right.
    That’s what I think I would do.

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