O thou of evil luck

My glasses are now permanently broken. This makes things much harder.

I have also suddenly encountered a bug that I cannot explain and that has never cropped up before. Maybe it was a fluke, but I don’t think so. Trying to figure it out, which is hard because it seems to be pretty random. Why now? I have played the same part of the game something like a billion times before. I wasn’t even trying anything new.

Other than that, making slow progress, and trying to fight the onset of depression. It’s hard not having finished this yet. This was supposed to be a good day. Feeling bad for having said it would be done this morning. But then, I didn’t expect this. I never do.

It really does feel like Urizen himself is trying to stop me…

…in which case, I suppose, the only thing to do is to tell him to fuck off and get on with my work.


  1. TJF588

    See, Jonas (“Joe-nas” or “Yo-nas”?), this reality is actually a game being made by a highly deluded true-you, a game about you making a game, and these are the sadistic obstacles you’ve throughly tested to be sure that they utterly break the player character’s moral.

    Your consciousness is a sadistic, self-depreciating, involved to the point of blindness to what’s actually going on.

    Dude, you need a break. *gives you a Kit-Kat Bar*

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