One More Update

OK, I’m giving up. Not on the game, just on finishing today. I don’t feel well enough physically. I shouldn’t have been so confident, but how could I know that all of these things would happen:

  • complete destruction of glasses
  • extreme stomach pains, probably due to the stress
  • realization that a few important files had not been backed up
  • batshit bizarre bug

My apologies to those who were looking forward to playing today. Given my obsession with doing things on time when it comes to the theatre, it drives me insane that so many of my personal projects go like this. I think a large part of the problem is that I’m not getting paid for this, and so a lot of other things end up taking away time from the work.

That, and my tendency to attract days like this. I mean, what the fuck. At some point I was just sitting there mumbling “I can’t believe this” to myself.

So, the current state of affairs: almost everything is done. What’s missing is one really important audio file. The thing is, I have to recreate that file, not find it (because the original is gone), so I have decided to do it tomorrow morning. I could do it today, but I’d end up having another nervous breakdown. I already had two today, and I don’t need another one.

I’m not going to make any brave announcements now. I will just say that I think the game will be ready for downloading tomorrow noon. I think. I have no idea what horrible things might happen. But it’s possible that you can play it tomorrow.

And now, good night.

P.S. Our governments are sitting on their arses while thousands of people in Haiti are dying – thanks to social conditions that have essentially been imposed on that poor nation. If you want to help out, you could donate some money by following this link to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. We have very little money, so I only donated 15€ myself – but every little bit counts, and if our institutions won’t function, we have to help each other somehow.

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