A Short Message About What You Should Do

Go see Avatar, for God’s sake. It’s excellent. It’s beautiful, thoughtful, complex, intelligent, touching, and a lot of other adjectives. It’s probably going to piss off a lot of stupid people, so ignore what they tell you and go see it.


  1. But…. but…. but…. they stole the name and the font from The Last Airbender!

    All right, I’ll watch it, but only because you said so and because it’s James Cameron. Still mad they stole the name and had the gall to use the same font, though.

  2. TJF588

    Yeah, that’s [i]the[/i] thing that has me jarred about this flick, because any time I saw videogame articles about it, or someone mentioned it, I would default to “elemental-forehead-arrows” instead of “blue d00dz”. I think the VG review from Destructoid (and maybe elsewhere?) also has me jarred, as my mind is easily swayed by ‘print’ sources, and has a sore amount of disconnect.

    My mom and friend wanna see it, though, so I could be dragged along even if my mind got nerfed into “is bad!!” mode.

  3. The font is indeed a little similar (but not the same), but they most definitely didn’t steal the name. The title makes a lot of sense, and this is an old project of Cameron’s. (I’m probably pointing out the obvious, but still.)

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