Whoa, what happened to the updates, dude?

I’m still here. I’m trying to finish Phenomenon 32. All the voice recording is done. Lots of other stuff is done. But the work has been delayed by various pleasant and unpleasant things – meeting friends, hanging out with my mother, Verena being verbally assaulted by a lunatic from our old theatre group (big macho guys show their real toughness by yelling at shy girls when their husbands aren’t there), and so on. The last bit in particular was kind of unsettling, and has slowed everything down a little. It’s also reminded us of how much we want to leave this country, for a place that is sunny and does not have these psychopaths (I used to think this more of a misunderstanding, with people being led to believe the wrong things, but once you get this kind of naked and digusting aggression, you pretty much settle for people being psychopaths).

Anyway. This sounds terribly negative, but there has been good stuff, too. Right now I have a pizza in the oven and am about to start working on Phenomenon 32 again. Last time I checked, I was almost finished with one of the most boring and complicated bits of the game (for me, that is… it should be fun for the player).


  1. Evil Roda

    I have a question.
    Where would you like to go?
    You probably wouldn’t want to go to the US, Canada isn’t sunny enough, most of Europe isn’t sunny, and to go to a part of Europe that is sunny, or anywhere else in the world that is sunny, for that matter, you’d have to learn a new language. Unless you want to go to Greece, of course. But, for some odd reason, I get the feeling you wouldn’t want to go back there to live.

  2. I don’t know. Verena and I have discussed this many, many times, but we’re not certain. If we had the money, we would consider going to the US – especially since we’re planning on making films. And we would both love to live in an English-speaking country, since that’s the language we’re the most comfortable with.

    As for Greece, you’re right. I miss Greece, but there’s quite a few reasons for not moving there, including the fact that I’d get drafted by the military. Maybe someday when we’re much older, but not now.

    It’s tricky.

  3. Theo Jannoplos

    I wish you finish Phenomenon 32 as you wish, and to find happiness to the place you wish.
    You shouldn’t want to come back to Greece unless it’s for holidays,though.As you probably know,our country is in a very difficult financial position,and there are not many opportunities for people like you (I mean young with ambitions and a clear soul,ones).The military draft is the least of your problems if you decide to move here.
    You should come to Halkidiki in the summer though,would like to meet you 🙂

  4. Theo Jannoplos

    Oh,I see!!Great place,it has the best ‘revani’ I have ever eaten on the road that leads to the other villages!I live in Thessaloniki,but I will be to my mother’s birthplace those days,Galaxidi.
    Have fun in Greece :p

  5. There’s no better place to maintain a certain standard of living.


    The quality of your movies depends on your skill, not your location.

    Unfortunately not true. Filmmaking, like most of the visual arts, takes resources, and most of those resources are sitting in one place.

  6. Health or films? Normally, that wouldn’t be a tough choice, but I can appreciate it because we’re both artists.

    If you DO move to the US, try to create a plan first. And make sure you check with people who know how money works (because I don’t) to see if the plan works. Then go with it.

    If it won’t work, then stick to Europe. The last thing you want is to get to my craphole of a country and not be able to make so much as a peanut butter sandwich, let alone your films.

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