You may be aware of the recent passing of Stephen Gately, who belonged to a band with the boredom-inducing name of Boyzone. Obviously, given my taste in music, I have no interest whatsoever in this band or their music, and I’m not writing any of this from the perspective of a fan. I hadn’t even heard of Stephen Gately before he died.

But, you see, Stephen Gately was gay. And he was famous. So it’s natural for one of these parasites that infest and perpetuate our system, a “journalist” by the name of Jan Moir, to explain to all of us that Stephen Gately’s pulmonary edema was caused by his homosexuality.

Read that again, and then hit your head with a brick to get the full effect.

He wasn’t struck by lightning while engaging in homosexual activities. He didn’t contract the mysterious disease that only kills gay people (because there is no such thing). Angels did not descend from the heavens, pronounce him guilty of loving a human being with the wrong genes, and strike him down with a flaming sword. He was not impaled by a penis during a dangerous gay sex game that they don’t want us to know about.

He died of pulmonary edema, the gathering of fluids in the lungs. He didn’t get that because he was gay, he got it because something in his body malfunctioned. Come to think of it, I should ask the doctor about this, because I also have attacks of not being able to breathe well at night, and can’t breathe well on my back. So if it turns out that I have something similar, does that mean I’m secretly gay? Or is it because I’m a socialist? Maybe it’s because we have a cat, and as we all know cats are the familiars of witches?

Or maybe… maybe it’s God. God who lets war criminals and murderers and incarnations of pure evil live, but punishes those who love the wrong people. Because that makes sense, right?

People like Jan Moir – and there are plenty of them running this system of misinformation and propaganda that masquerades as the news media – are parasites. They have nothing of their own to offer, and they thrive on encouraging the worst kind of antisocial thinking in others. These people are the opposite of civilization: they are the howling barbarians that will plunge us into another dark age of witch-hunting and cultural self-destruction.

Remember: Rome didn’t fall to the barbarians outside the gates, it fell to the barbarians who ran it.


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