Calming down.

So, yes. A combination of seeing Black Dynamite at the Fantasy Film Fest and words of wisdom from Gregory Weir have helped me to feel a little better about the Wikipedia thing. The edit was made by an unregistered user who didn’t do anything else – perhaps the same person who once added a sentence about me living in a cave.

As I posted in the comments:

You’re entirely right, of course, and I’m overreacting. It’s mainly because the frustration of trying to get an agent for Verena and the difficulty of getting to what I feel is the next stage in our lives – writing books and making films – are really wearing me out emotionally. This is a turning point in our lives, and if things don’t start going well, it will be very hard for us to do the things we live and feel the need to accomplish.

Still, if anyone out there who enjoys my work feels like improving the entry, I’d be quite happy. Oh, and thanks, Gregory. The rationality is appreciated.

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  1. Hey, at least you have a Wikipedia page, right? 🙂

  2. That’s true. Not that you can complain – more people have played your games than live in the city where I grew up. And it’s a big city!

    If you’d implanted some subliminal messages you could have your own zombie army. I have, like, a zombie regiment at best. I mean, could have. It’s not like there are subliminal messages in games like Desert YOU WILL OBEY THE BEARDED FAT MAN Bridge.

  3. JM

     /  August 30, 2009

    To hell with sources, I just edited the notability thing out.

  4. To hell with sources, I just edited the notability thing out.

    For some reason, that makes me grin.