I am currently immensely frustrated by Pinnacle Studio’s refusal to recognize videos that were created by other software. Yes, I know, I should be using something better… but I have yet to find editing software with a decent GUI that is also free and runs on a PC.

Actually, when it comes to video, everything seems to be off somehow. Maybe I’m unlucky. Maybe I should update my codecs. Maybe it all just sucks. We’ll see.

Any ideas when it comes to video editing software or related stuff would be appreciated.


  1. I’ve found the same dearth of free/open video editors on the PC. If you’ve got the right version of Windows, Windows Movie Maker comes with it and is okay for basic jobs.

    Frustrating, isn’t it?
    Unfortunately, I’m trying to do some slightly more complicated things, so Movie Maker isn’t entirely useful. Pinnacle Studio would be fine if the damn thing would recognize the bloody AVI files I want it to recognize.

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