The Incredible Arghness

Recently another abyss of human behaviour has opened up in front of us, and it’s not pleasant to look at. I have only vaguely hinted at some problems we had about a year ago with certain people (which included the joyous event of someone putting a rootkit on my old computer and us getting the blame for what was done with that, which was more than a little shocking and absurd), but now it turns out that when that whole situation should’ve finally been put to rest, it in fact continued festering, and people have been spreading the most insane rumours about me and Verena. So, yeah, apparently we’re criminals who live in a three-way sex commune. (This is not a joke.)

Now, the sickening part of all this is not that people are saying these things. There’s a reason that I got so tired of the theatre group we were part of: the endless backstabbing and rumourmongering are nothing new, and we had to contend with that a great deal when doing our last show. What sickens me, what really sickens me, is that a number of people who should quite simply know better apparently do not. Not any close friends, thankfully – all of those think this is about as absurd as it gets – but nevertheless people that we have known for years, people that we have at times gone out of way to help or to support, both personally and in terms of the theatre. People who should know us well enough to know that this is all insane. (Though, frankly, these rumours have reached such a level of weirdness that I can’t help but think that anyone should see they’re insane.)

I’ve always believed that most people are essentially good, and more clever than they are given credit for. Sometimes I doubt the latter.

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