A very short review, as they tend to be.

So, Jumper. It had a trailer that looked somewhere between interesting and silly. As it turns out, it’s more on the interesting side than on the silly. Actually, most of it is pretty good – there just isn’t enough of it. The idea of people with teleporting powers being hunted by religious fanatics is a good setup, and all of the actors are excellent at making it believable (only Rachel Bilson seems a bit too “Hollywood pretty”). As are the special effects and locations, which are all well-done and believable. I didn’t groan once.

I did laugh out loud several times. This is actually a well-written movie. Except, as I said, for the fact that there’s just not enough of it. A major plot thread goes missing and is never resolved, even though it looks like they might have shot scenes about it and cut them out. And the whole story has no proper resolution. It feels more like a pilot to a potentially cool series than like a complete movie.

Still, it’s imaginative and it’s fun, and as such I would recommend it as an enjoyable adventure movie.