Museum Update, and a possible goodbye

Since someone asked – yes, I am still going to do that update for Museum that will get it to run on Vista. Soon. I haven’t had much time lately, and what little time I’ve had I’ve spent working on my film and my novel.

And I must say that, quite frankly, I am seriously considering giving up game design, at least for the next few years. I dearly love making games, and it’s a very strong impulse for me, but after eight years of doing it and next to no response, I am starting to think my time could be better spent on other projects. No matter how hard I work, no matter how many emails I send to various sites, all my work is ignored; I’m tired of feeling like a second-rate William Blake. If at least I had the visions, you know, that might make up for it. But I don’t. And while I don’t need praise for myself, I am proud of some of my work, and I do think the games themselves deserve more – especially Museum and Desert Bridge. But nowadays it seems you have to be selling your games for anyone to take interest – art can only be art if it’s commercial, apparently. So if you sell people a game about an old lady walking around a graveyard, that’s interactive poetry (buying the game adds the possibility of random death! yay!) but if you try to explore the medium and create a unique central metaphor that is impossible in any other form, well… maybe I should’ve charged people 15$ so that Urizen can appear at random and bite off their heads.

Now I’m just sounding bitter. And I have to go to work. But the Museum patch will be done. Soon. I promise.

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