Summarized Jonas

It takes an exceptional writer to weave absurdity and believability together to create such a vivid tale, and Kyratzes manages it effortlessly.
The Telegraph

It’s like a five year old with a degree in comparative literature.
Scripted Sequence

Name: Jonas Kyratzes

Species: Homo sapiens

Nationality: Greek/German

Birthday: May 21st, 1984



  • writer (first book published in spring 2013)
  • indie game developer (since 2000)
  • filmmaker (still working on that)


  • Born in Wiesbaden, Germany. Raised in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Speaks English, Greek, German and vestigial French.
  • Currently lives in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Married to Verena Kyratzes, with whom he often collaborates.
  • Socialist (not Social Democrat).
  • Agnostic.

Author of these games:

Characteristics as game designer:

  • Strong literary influences.
  • Games with a focus on narrative.
  • Pronounced political and philosophical themes.
  • Extensive use of text (but not in all games).
  • Believes that games are art.
  • Thus not interested in concepts like “notgames” and “art games.”
  • Extremely dislikes postmodernism.
  • Prefers unusual graphical styles.
  • Awful puns.

Other facts: