If you came expecting liturgical dancing
With new interpretations of the story of Moses
Sorry but I think you will be disappointed
You’ve made an error during the booking process
But if you came to see ME
I’m really happy that you’ve achieved your intention

– Tim Minchin


Jonas Kyratzes is a writer, game designer, and filmmaker. He’s the creator of the award-winning Lands of Dream series of games and stories, but has also created a variety of other games, such as The Infinite Ocean and Alphaland. His first published book was Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά (In the Shadow of the Invisible King, Perispomeni Publications, 2013), a children’s book for the age of crisis. He co-wrote Croteam’s The Talos Principle and Road to Gehenna and is now working (with his wife and frequent collaborator, Verena) on Serious Sam 4! He’s also working on Julian Gollop’s follow-up to X-Com, Phoenix Point.

When he has some free time, which is rare, he scribbles away at a novel.

As for the filmmaker bit, that’s still a bit further out on the horizon, but he firmly believes that you should never be an “aspiring” anything. There are films in his head and screenplays on his computer.

He dislikes writing about himself in the third person, but apparently it’s necessary to promote oneself these days.