Road to Gehenna

Hey folks,

I’m currently in Greece, on something of a working holiday, so I can’t write much. Typing this on my phone, which is quite hard with my oversized fingers.

Road to Gehenna comes out today! I’m quite nervous about it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s really good, but it’s also much weirder, much more extreme than the original game, so possibly more likely to be divisive. Still, I’m quite proud of what we did, and grateful that we got to do it. Whatever its flaws and quirks, no-one’s done something quite like it before, and I think it explores themes that are genuinely interesting. (I’m being vague because it will be more fun without spoilers.)

Tom and I put so much stuff in there. I mean, it’s mad. It’s unbalanced. It’s ambitious. It’s silly. It has flaws. It has secrets. It’s a place.

We went in with the idea that we have to deliver something that’s as good as the original, but that DLC is also an opportunity to go nuts. And we did. It was fun.

Oh, and don’t forget to interact with the terminals after every puzzle. Gehenna is a living world, and if you ignore it too much, it’ll start ignoring you back.

In totally different news, today is our wedding anniversary. Verena and I have been married for six years. Time is a weird thing. I feel like our relationship is still new, but at the same time I cannot conceive of a time before it. How oddly pleasant and pleasantly odd.

Anyway, we’ll spend a relaxing day with friends, totally not constantly checking what people say about Gehenna.

– Jonas