Way Too Long In The Tower Of Song

I have so much to write about, but I’m overwhelmed by work and bureaucracy. I’ll try to write a good update tomorrow.

For now, here’s Alistair Hulett doing a Leonard Cohen-style song to criticize Leonard Cohen for breaking the boycott of Israel.

“In these days when times are rough / sincerity is just not enough.” A great line, and one more artists should keep in mind.


  1. lin

    I just put my aussie partner to shame for not having known this fellow, seeing how he’s not onlly very australian in his early work but also right up his alley both with his music and his politcis. An hour of great music and poking fun at him later and we’re both really glad again today that you’re on my blog roll. Honestly can’t believe how we’ve never heard of him. Very very australian in his fighting ballads, very universal in his beliefs. The song about Gough Whitlam totally made our day too, loud singing ensued, lovebirds very annoyed. My spirits are up though.

    And holding someone as beloved as Cohen accountable is a brave act, done lovingly but unwaiveringly. Fantastic. Thanks again.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. (Sorry for taking a while to respond, I’m behind on just about everything.)

    I’m glad I’ve introduced you to Alistair Hulett, he is genuinely fantastic. It’s a terrible loss to the world that he died so young. We need people like that. My personal favourite of his songs is New Age of the Fist.

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